General Purpose Applications for Real World interaction


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oscilloscope for the vLabtool - version 0.

Also Includes XY plotting mode, and fitting against standard Sine/Square functions

Plot return values from various commands as a function of time

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Streaming Utility for the vLabtool - version 0.

Evaluates user defined python statements and plots the return values as a function of time. Useful for monitoring time evolution of parameters measured by the vLabtool

Acquire and plot data from supported I2C Sensors

Visualize a variety of physical parameters ranging from angular velocity and altitude, to luminosity, and magnetic field vectors

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Data streamed from MPU6050

Stream data acquired from supported I2C sensors.

Currently Supports:

MPU6050 - 3-Axis Accelerometer. 3-Axis Gyro . Temperature sensor.

HMC5883L - 3-Axis Magnetometer

BMP180 - Temperature, Pressure, Altitude

MLX90614 - Passive IR base temperature sensor (Thermopile)

SHT21 - Temperature. humidity.

Control Up to 4 servo motors using the PWM outputs (SQR1 - 4)

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Simple example demonstrating controlling servo motors with sliders

wireless sensors application

Replace wires with the wireless nodes, and set up remote measurement of physical parameters. .. automodule:: experiments.wireless_sensors


Experiment Specific Graphical Utilities

Study Common Emitter characteristics of NPN transistors

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Study Common Emitter Characteristics of NPN transistors. Saturation currents, and their dependence on base current can be easily visualized.

Diode IV Characteristics

Study Current Voltage characteristics of PN junctions.